Best Practices Forum

The Good Practices Forum within the scope of the Future Private Labels 2017

The Good Practices Forum a project realized in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and organised by the Association of Applied Graphic Designers. The project is partnered by the Institute of Design Kielce.

The project has been designed to disseminate good practices in company image, packaging and branding strategies. The project organisers present how to increase the packaging competitiveness in the market.

Poland’s private labels started in the mid nineties, stimulated with the retail development. Private labels were regarded counterparts of branded products, an economical alternative for less-wealthy customers.  Now the situation has dramatically changed – not only is the private label quality enhanced and refined. They also enjoy more distinct advertisement campaigns.

Good private label quality has stimulated the labour market. The private label image which has refined over the years has resulted in increased demand which impacts employers’ decisions. In order to meet market demands, companies increase head-count.

The “Good Practice Forum” project will initiate a cooperation platform between entrepreneurs and the creative sector professionals. The project’s objective is to exchange experience between designers from Poland and other countries. The latter boast extensive experience in “good practices”, teamwork methodology, effective business strategies and process implementation.

Advisory expo stands

Informed and conscious use of professionals’ expertise directly impacts companies’ prestige and growth. It boosts products, services, business strategies.  Therefore the Good Practices Forum team is here to answer such questions as: What should a design process look like? How to find a good contractor? How to create a private label?

The expo stand offers experts’ consultancy services. This is the place to learn how to implement image changes and diagnose the company / packaging, products’ current situation.

Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to join the cooperation platform and make use of the good practices guide.

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