25 October – the second in Targi Kielce’s series of experts conferences held within the scope of FUTURE PRIVATE LABELS Poland & CEE

Last year’s Targi Kielce Future Private Labels conference 120 participants

2017’s edition of Poland’s biggest event solely and exclusively devoted to private labels, i.e. Future Private Labels inTargi Kielce gives an insight into feasible ways to change image, strategy development, product management and packaging re-branding.  These topical issues will be discussed at a conference which complements the expo.  The speakers list comprises only business-insiders who boast numerous achievements.

– Working on private labels  image change is by no means a simple matter.  and require precise production costs calculations, balancing profits and losses the change may bring about.  – says Dorota Kałowska, the FPL project coordinator, a well-known specialist in private label industry and the Polish Chamber of Commerce’s expert  – The conference also offers the opportunity to become familiar with the latest trends and modern strategic tools.  The conference participants will also become familiar with specific product launches and their success stories.

The Future Private Labels programme is a chance to get an insightful picture of development perspectives in the private label product in Poland years 2017-2022. The insight has been prepared by PMR.      The private label strategy integration  with the retail-chain strategy – new challenges will also be discussed; Cobalt Spark will give food for thought.  Vegetarian and bio trends on the FMCG and private label markets and many other private-label related issues will be extensively discussed in the session.  Go to www.markiwlasne.pl and see more.  The discussion panel will focus upon “Private labels v brands – what are the Polish market’s bearings?”

The speakers and panellists list for the Kielce session on 25 October includes:  Magdalena Szot (PMR), Dorota Kałowska (COBALT SPARK),  Andrzej Wojciechowicz (FMCG Consulting), Edyta Dembinska (PIOTR I PAWEŁ), Karolina Liberka (Business Development Deputy Director / Feno,)  Robert Lis (DS Smith Packaging), Wojciech Mierowski ( BNA/Brand New Attitude).