About the event

Future Private Labels,
16-17 October 2019

The FPL programme’s objective is to create an experience exchange and discussions platform focussed on private labels’ management and future development directions. The upcoming edition of the FUTURE PRIVATE LABELS Poland & CEE programme will be organised under the banner of INNOVATIVENESS introduced by private label owners, both in terms of products as well as ground-breaking strategic tools.


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The packaging workshops feature the industry’s best of the best, many exhibitors showcase packaging at the upcoming Future Private Labels

Private labels orPrivate Brands? Are private labels doomed to be price-driven? Do they have to “copy” the Big Brands? Wojciech Mierowski of the New Brand Attitude discusses future of private labels – discussions at the admission-free packaging workshops. The author of branding strategies for the biggest Polish brands such as mBank, Tyskie, Lech, Żywiec, WP …


25 October – the second in Targi Kielce’s series of experts conferences held within the scope of FUTURE PRIVATE LABELS Poland & CEE Last year’s Targi Kielce Future Private Labels conference 120 participants 2017’s edition of Poland’s biggest event solely and exclusively devoted to private labels, i.e. Future Private Labels inTargi Kielce gives an insight into feasible ways …

LIDL private label campaign Poland has never seen before

Private label food products portfolio by Lidl retail chain has been actively promoted in television commercials as equally good or even better than famous brands’ products. This is Poland’s first private labels campaign of this type. The Lidl’s 100 private labels range includes about 1,200 products;  they generate as much as 70 percent of the …


THE BUSINESS-INSIDERS CONFERENCE solely focused on private labels

This year’s conference gives an insight into feasible ways to change image, strategy development, product management and packaging re-branding.  The conference also offers the opportunity to become familiar with the latest trends and modern strategic tools.   The conference participants will also become familiar with specific product launches and their success stories.

The conference programme

9:00 – 10:00 Registration; your chance to visit the the exhibition

10: 00-10.45 Private-label products development prospects in Poland, 2017-2022.  Magdalena Szot  (Retail Analyst / PMR)

10: 45 – 11: 30 The private label strategy integration  with the retail-chain strategy – new challenges.   Dorota Kałowska (Partner & Strategy Consultant COBALT SPARK / expert of the Polish Trade Chamber

11:  30-12:  15 You are what you eat! The vegetarian, vegan and bio trend in the FMCG market and private labels.   Karolina Liberka – Business Development Deputy Director / Feno

12: 15 – 12: 45 DISCUSSION PANEL “Private labels v brands – what are the Polish market’s bearings?”  PANELISTS:    Magdalena Szot  (PMR), Dorota Kałowska (COBALT SPARK), Andrzej Wojciechowicz (FMCG Consulting), Czesław Meus (Stowarzyszenie Polska Ekologia).

12: 45 – 14: 00 LUNCH break and the exhibition tour

14: 00 – 14: 45 Private labels in niche categories – a fad or an effective response to consumers’ demand?  Edyta Dembińska (Private Labels Dpt. Head / PIOTR AND PAWEŁ)

14: 45 – 15: 15 Private label product and its packaging – the importance of competitive advantage development for retail chains (client and operational level).    Robert Lis (Marketing Manager / DS Smith Packaging)

15: 15 – 16: 00 “Private Labels czy Private Brands?”.   Wojciech Mierowski (Brand New Attitude) 

2017’s Speakers

Magdalena Szot – A retail market analyst. Magdalena Szot  specializes in the sector-related publications, with a focus on Poland and Central and Eastern Europe’s countries (e.g. Cosmetics in Polish retail in 2016).


Dorota Kałowska – Polish Trade Chamber’s expert, Partner & Strategy Consultant COBALT SPARK. For 14 years she has worked with retain chains in Poland as well as private-label owners in brands development process. She has constantly monitored the private labels market, has run extensive training-programme in branding and effective packaging utilisation of brand strategy.

Karolina Liberka  Business Development Deputy Director at the Feno digital agency, responsible for the the agency’s strategic processes. Regular mentor at workshops for startup, lectures on strategy at the MBA-programme, teaches advertising at the technical secondary school and at the Third Age University. She has been fascinated with objects and phenomena ambiguity and oddity dependant on the generation.

Edyta Dembińska Private Labels Dpt. Head / PIOTR AND PAWEŁ She boasts nearly 20 years of experience in retail sector. For several years she has worked at the Selgros and Intermarche retail chain, her professional duties were fresh categories management, including private labels. For more than 2 years she has been responsible for Piotr and Paweł retail chain’s private label. She has also cooperated with GHPL Plus on the “Lubię” branded products launch in such retail chains as:  Piotr and Pawel, Topaz.

Robert Lis  the Head for DS Smith marketing strategies for key products and services. Responsible for new products markets development, collaboration with retail chains and comprehensive marketing andimage campaigns for businesses.


Wojciech Mierowski – CREATIVE DIRECTOR, BNA PARTNER / Brand New Attitude, 25 years in business.BNA / (brand new attitude) co-creator and creative director. His professional interests encompass Branding, Brand Consulting, Brand Design, Brand Experience Design and Creation, Corporate Identity and Brand Identity. Presentations, debates, lectures, workshops and trainings on branding, contemporary cultural phenomena in the context of branding, brand strategy, brand design, visual identity, companies image and identity are in focus of his lecture at e.g. Academy of Fine Arts, Krakow, Davos World Communication Forum. The author of publications in the business-sector’s media (Media and Marketing, New Marketing, Marketer +, Harvard Business Review).







Under the patronage of Packaging Polska

This is the second time the best private label packaging win prizes and awards. The competition is held under the auspices of packaging Poland.

It is no secret – you lay your eyes on something and you instantly know you want to have it. The first impression products’ packaging makes is critical in buying decision process. This is why packaging has become an important part of the Future Private Labels  – FPR features the “Best Private Label Packaging” competition.


The Competition Mission

The competition is organized in order to improve private label image through promotion of quality design and manufacturing of private label packaging.


Packaging can be registered by companies which developed packaging for private label manufacturers as well as private label producers and their owners.

Competition categories

Personal Care Products
(cosmetics and hygiene products such as soaps, shampoos, conditioners,   deodorants, body lotions, sanitary pads, handkerchiefs, toilet paper, wet wipes, etc.)
Food / Fresh to go
(Food packaging including ready-to-serve)
(beverages packaging including instant-drink powders (e.g. tea))
Household Products
(cleaning products – home & car care products, etc.)
Unusual Packaging
(non-standard packaging, e.g. SRP, POS cardboard)
Systemic Packaging Solutions 
(packaging for different product categories, comprehensive in visual layout and design)
The Visitors’ Choice
(the winner selected at the Future Private Labels)

Selection criteria (descending order):

  • Design consistency with the strategy / specificity of the product contained in the packaging – each design registered for the competition should be accompanied with a marketing description. The description should include design assumptions: what consumers group it is targeted at, the design brief, design purpose, etc.
    1. functionality defined as ergonomics (ease to open /close, product storage after opening, product is served straight from the packaging, etc.)
    2. information functionality (by looking at the packaging the consumer easily finds important information, clear and legible description of the product’s additional value itself ( “… added”, “contains …”, “contains no …”, “e.g. gluten-free”, etc.).Packaging’s functional aspects defined as: convenient and handy, consumer-friendly. Functional aspects are evaluated in two aspects, i.e.:
  • Packaging visibility. This criterion is defined as packaging visibility in the store – it allows for quick product category identification, packaging is useful for display arrangement purposes.
  • Design – packaging design quality, uniqueness, and its potential innovative features, understood as a unique style, above-average solutions for a particular category, provided that it is consistent with the previously defined strategy, as described in point 3.


  • Targi Kielce Medal and Diploma.
  • Winners are granted the right to use the Competition Winner trademark in their portfolio.
  • The winners are announcement during event Future Private Labels 2017.
  • The product is labelled the “Competition Winner” when put on display at the special exhibition of products resisted for the competition held on 25 and 26.10.2017 within the scope of Future Private Labels.
  • The Competition results will be published at Targi Kielce’s on-line website in the news section as well as at the event’s page www.markiwlasne.pl and in the Packaging Poland magazine.


Previous edition’s recapitulation.

– 60 percent of consumers decide whether to buy or not because the packaging attracted their attention.  Packaging is a very important tool to make sales  more effective” – Dorota Kałowska commented the results. Mrs Kałowska is a private-label management expert and one of the competition jurors. – “A number of very good projects were registered for  “The Best Private Labels Packaging” contest; these may be an inspiration source for numerous owners of well-known brands.”


2016’s edition winners

The  Piotr i Paweł chocolate line was  pronounced the “Food / fresh to go” category winner. This product also gained visitors’ recognition.

In the “Unusual Packaging” category the Dada Box Promotion for diaper of Jeronimo Martins Poland celebrated success. After diaper-contained has been emptied, it becomes a toy camper.

Jeronimo Martins Poland was also awarded in the “Personal Care” category for its Linda – line of soaps

as well as in the “Household” category for Ultra Perfumes.









The distinction in  “Beverages” category was presented to Red Baron Brand Support for the Whisky Red Baron bottle.



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